Happy Labor Day; With Icing on Top!

Okay, like any player, I sometimes crow a bit after winning a nice hand that I've played well. I'll do it here, instead of at the table, where it's poor etiquette.

I'm playing the $20/40 limit Hold'em game at Atlantic City's Taj Mahal on Labor Day. The table is very loose aggressive, with big pots building in almost every hand. I'm mid position (two left of under the gun) and someone has already limp called. I look down at the Ace and 8 of diamonds and call for $20. There's a button raise by Julie (a decent Vietnamese player) and the action completes with six people seeing the flop. It brings the Queen of diamonds, 10 of diamonds and an off-suit 3. Jon, an early position player, bets $20 and I call behind (no use in raising my draw-hand on this table, I can't control the action from mid-position).

It's called around to Julie on the button, who raises $20. After my call, there are four of us who see the turn. Bingo! The 7 of diamonds opens giving me the nut hand; the Ace-high flush. Jon bets $40 into me and I quietly smooth call. Everyone aboard......please:) Julie again raises and I inwardly smile, reading her for the second-place King-high flush. Jon and I call and we three go to the river, the Ace of hearts (changes nothing:). Both Jon and I check to Julie, who bets $40. Jon calls her bet and now I raise.


The icing on top is that Julie 3-bets me! Jon folds, seeing he's lost. I 4-bet my nut hand. Julie grumbles, recognizing she's been cold decked, and calls the last $40 bet, while showing her losing King-high flush. As a sweetener, Joe and Marco, two players I respect, both compliment me on maxing value on the pot.

One of many nice moments in my Labor Day winning session.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross