The Worst!  And Thanks for the Pesos

I've been staying in Cebu City, The Philippines. Last night at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino, I saw the worst play!

I'm table captain of sorts at a 7-handed 10-pesos/20-pesos no-limit Hold'em table (that's about $1/2 no limit to us Americanos), where I've more than doubled my 2000 pesos buy-in and have about four times the next largest chip stack.

I'm seated under the gun +1, the UTG folds and I look down at Ace -10 offsuit.  I raise to 100 pesos, hoping to find out where I'm at and perhaps simply take the blinds without a flop.

A new player directly to my left with most of a 500 pesos buy-in smooth-calls. No one else calls and we go heads-up to the flop; an Ace and a low pair.

It's possible the caller has a better Ace than mine (Ace-Jack maybe?).  Still, I bet 300 pesos hoping to win (he could have a calling hand that missed, like King, Queen suited).

Instead of folding, he goes all-in with his 395-pesos stack, thereby raising me by 95 pesos. I groan, figuring he holds a better Ace.  Still, I have to call the additional 95, being pot-committed.

Here's the amazing part:
He turns over his hand; pocket Kings. Given his chip stack, he had two good choices. Either, he should have raised me all-in pre-flop (I'd have folded, and at least he wouldn't be inviting and pricing-in possible over-callers), or he should have folded to my 300-pesos flop bet when the Ace opened on the board.

I actually later asked him his thinking, because I was so surprised at his play.
Here's what he said: "It's a game and I come to have fun." Well, there is that.  But, I'll try to play smart and have fun while hopefully winning. And winning is more likely if you know how to make a good laydown after a questionable pre-flop play.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross