3pips   THE POKER GODS LAUGH AT ME! (12/15/11)

The Poker Gods Laugh At Me!

I was playing a fairly loose Atlantic City $10 / 20 limit table last weekend at the Borgata.  I started off down about $100, a small amount on the table where every hand had a pre-flop raise and at least 4 callers.  Luck was a major factor on the table, as no one could control the pre-flop action. For me, it was like playing in quicksand, as I kept fluctuating in a small range without ever being up.

After hours, I decided to work out and run in the Pump Room gym before it closed.  Hell or high-water, I would pick up before the next dealer change – another half hour of play.

Shortly thereafter, playing the button, I looked down at the Ace and King of diamonds.  There’d been four limpers already.  I raised to get money into the pot, knowing that I held the best starting hand.  But, would it hit?  Not surprisingly, I got many callers and six of us went to the flop, 4, 6, 9, with one diamond.  Everyone checked to me and hoping to weed-the-field-down, I continuation bet.  There were two callers and the third to act raised. I three-bet to control the action plus hopefully see two more cards before having to put more money into the pot. Several called.

Everyone checked the Queen of diamonds turn card to me and I checked and took the free card.  Then, bingo, the 2 of diamonds opened on the river giving me the nut hand: Ace-high flush.  I took down the pot and was up for the first time during the session.

The poker gods laugh at me!

I decided to try locking-in the $80 profit by basically shutting down, looking and folding my last ‘free’ hands before I’d pickup (instead of taking the big blind).  Mentally, I’d decided to only play the absolute best starting hands.

My penultimate hand before picking up was a pair of 4s, which I tossed after showing Dianne who’d just folded on my right.  There were several callers and predictably a raise. Five players went to the flop. Arghhhh, the door card was a 4 - my set, and the next card was a 4 – my Quads!  The raiser later showed the winner, pocket Kings.  I’d have hauled in a nice pot with Quad 4s, but instead knew I’d played well.

I’ve shaken it off, but have to say folding unplayed flopped Quads really sucks.  The joke's on me!

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross