A 'Familiar' Setting in a New Location; Playing Wynn Macau

It’s always nice when business travel – meeting Asian gaming concerns in Macau, has unexpected upsides.  Talk about an amazing city, with a mega-casino around every corner, and you're talking Macau.

And, I often find that the more things change the more they stay - or appear to stay - the same.  It's just like Vegas, only frequently better. I don't think I’ve ever felt more at home in a first-time setting.  I am enjoying Macau and its poker experience!  It’s amazing how Wynn has emulated the façade of its Vegas property, while also staying fresh and right for Asia. The poker room has the same quality feeling you encounter at Wynn's Las Vegas Blvd. property.  Best of all, as a capper, I had both good cards and a winning experience in the Wynn's upscale poker room.My Best Hand:

I played Ace King against a gentleman who had the same hand, and won a big pot by continuing to bet throughout, despite having missed the board.

After I bet a respectable amount on the river (having bet each street), he open folded his Ace King. I looked at his hand and told him "no good" as I dragged the pot without showing my Ace King.  Well, his hand wasn't good, after he folded:-).

Ah, the power of no limit betting and understanding that your opponent hasn't connected either.

Postscript: MGM and others also have many ‘familiar’ aspects to their presence in Macau.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross