3pips   I'M DOING MY PART (BORGATA 3/1/12)

I'm Doing My Part

I'm playing a bad beat eligible $10/ 20 limit game at the Borgata last Saturday, where it's been super-busy.  Who wouldn't want a piece of the over $500,000 prize that's waiting to be hit?

Mid-position, I limp the 10 and Queen of hearts for $10 (heck, it's suited).  To my left is my new friend  Eddie, who folds and I flash him my cards, while whispering; 'I'm doing my part.'

Five of us see the flop; a Jack of hearts, 9 of spades and 4 of diamonds. Having an open ended straight-draw and an over-card (my Queen), I bet.  Three call and the dealer Lillian opens the turn card, the Ace of hearts.

Having added good flush-draws, I bet again. Two callers, and  Lillian deals the river, the King of hearts. Yahtzee!

I bet again and both players call.  It's great to see that poker still holds new thrills.  It was a singular pleasure to open my first casino Royal Flush.  As I dragged the pot, I loudly repeated my 'I'm doing my part,' as we all asked; 'Where's the losing-quads, so we could've hit the bad best?'  Maybe that's the next new-pleasure poker has to offer?  I'll keep playing, if only to find out:)

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross