September 10th, 2008

At, TableBrain released a demo whiteboard application that highlights our animation functionality on the iPhone.

Our interface expertise allows our code to present on mobile devices including the iPhone (and on all popular browsers) - with useful animation.

Need convincing? See - on an iPhone or elsewhere 1. our flowing / resizing animation whiteboard web app., and 2. our multiplayer Texas Hold’em at

Sites that take a minute to load and only have limited GIF functions — they’re simply unimpressive.

You’ve probably come across self-proclaimed interface experts (there are many). Give them this one to try:

Build a popular game as a web app., make it multiplayer, code it in JavaScript and with proprietary code so there’s no download required (usable even in system admin. locked-down settings), don’t make any use of Flash or Java (not all platforms have these – iPhones don’t), build it so it works adequately even on the lowest user-bandwidth - a slow dial-up or the Edge network used by many iPhones. If that’s not difficult enough, make it play with animation — after all, no user wants to play a game with unimpressive visuals. And, we want animation the user can influence. Finally, and here are some serious extra points, build it so it works on all popular browsers and the iPhone and iPod Touch.

That’s the expertise we have from developing proprietary interface libraries over the past few years. We’re quite proud of what we’ve done. We don’t see anyone else doing it – sure there’s talk, but ‘where’s the beef?

Contact us. Let’s talk about how our expertise in the areas of interface and animation might benefit you.