On the Winning Side of a Really Wicked Beat! Ship the Sherbet

I'm playing the small blind at a $1 /$2 no-limit table and I have to decide whether to fold or if not, how to play my 6, 8 suited hand. Everyone else has folded, so I'll only be contending against the big blind.

I've been running good at the table and have a good image, so I decide that I'll put in a small raise to $6 and perhaps win the pot or play the hand from strength. I'm not inclined to fold a suited-gap-connector hand. Instead of folding or just calling, the big blind re-raises to $12.

At this point, I'm committed to seeing the flop and call his re-raise.  The flop is Jack, 7, 8 rainbow. I check and he bets $9, which I misinterpret as weakness. He's bet less than half the pot, which he'd have done after missing the flop (a big Ace, like Ace Queen, would have whiffed). If he'd have held a no-pair hand, my mid-pair of 8s would have been in the lead.

As I only had just $40 left on the table, I chose to raise all-in, hoping that he'd fold and I could take down the pot, without worrying about the turn and river.

Instead of folding, he immediately called. He opened tops set, as he held Jack Jack in his hand.

The wicked part is that the turn and river were a 9 and a 5, making me the winner as my 6 gave me the gut-shot straight. Talk about an unlikely win. I thought; Ship the sherbet, as I took in the $100 pot.

It's good to be good, but it also helps to occasionally get super-lucky.


- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross