Come-on Magic Jack

Yesterday was my last day in Singapore, which has two of the world's most costly and amazing casinos. Early in the week, I visited the Marina Bay Sands. OMG: High-end, but alas no poker.  And, they informed me that poker's not spread in Singapore. So, I spent the week otherwise engaged in a great city.

But, as my Friday plans involved travel from the HarbourFront Centre terminal, I decided to visit Resorts World Sentosa, which opened in 2010 and is near the terminal.  After all, it cost nearly $5BIL, so I wanted to see their impressive casino.

While there, I learned the latest: RWS opened their poker room last week :-)  Well, christening a card room is something I won't pass up!

I played their $5/10SGD no-limit Hold'em table [The Singapore dollar is valuable, so the game's about a US $4/8 no limit.]

I bought in for $1000SGD, quickly lost significantly in two nasty beats and over half a day fought back to near even, when I was dealt Queen and 9 of diamonds in the 6-seat. There'd been a limper and I decided to play my hand with a raise to $50SGD.  My image at the game was quite tight, so I hoped to control the action by acting last (if everyone after me folded).  Unfortunately, I got two later position callers (likely bigger hands, that would have raised, had I not).

Five of us saw the flop: 7, 8, 10 with two hearts and a diamond.  The action was checked by the small-blind to the limper on my right, who bet $150SGD.  With the open-ended straight-draw and a back door running-diamonds flush-draw, I wanted to see more.  So, I called. Both players behind me folded to the small blind, who also called. I read him for at-minimum a hand with a 9. Silently, I repeated a mantra: Jack, Jack, Jack..... And, the turn brought the Jack of spades - giving me the nut hand. The small blind immediately shoved all-in for over $600SGD and the player to my right quickly folded. I Insta-called, while opening my hand  When the river wasn't a Queen (would have given him a tying Queen-high straight - his went to the Jack), my straight to the Queen held, and I dragged a pot that put me well into profit.

Sometimes, all a session needs is one card falling right: way to go Magic-Jack.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross