3pips   SO, WHAT'S THE CLOUD (8/6/12)

So, What's the Cloud?

My friend 'V' plays this great hand at a Borgata $20/40 limit table last week:

He defends King, 10 suited against a late-position raise after 3 limp-called, so 5 players will likely enter the hand, making for a likely juicy pot.

By the turn, he's heads-up and holding a Royal Flush while the pre-flop raiser (who he later finds out has pocket Queens) is holding Quad-Queens.

V check-calls the turn. It's fireworks on the river - 5 raises. Finally, Quad-Queens sees he's vulnerable to one hand and stops raising.

V's Royal Flush drags him a $700 pot, but amazingly that's the 'silver lining.' So, up over $400 on one hand, what's the 'cloud'?

Borgata's $20/40 limit tables are among a very few tables NOT participating in the Bad-Beat pool.  V misses out on about $35,000. Mr. Quads loses and insult-to-injury misses the about $70,000 BIG Bad-Beat Jackpot (cashed on losing with better-than-Quad-10s). Leaving everyone disappointed, payouts of about $8,000 don't go to all others dealt in on the hand.

Quite a story and there were many different reactions. Mine was to ask V if he ever asked himself: 'Is it good?' as he kept raising his Royal Flush on the river.

Amazing how a poker room always has a new bad-beat story to buzz about.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross