MY HAND-OF-DOOM (9/7/12)

My Hand-of-Doom

I'm playing at a Borgata $20/40 limit table over the weekend.
I'm just off a hand where from mid-position I'd raised pocket Kings into an un-raised pot, and in which I lost a big pot to one of many smooth-callers.  A player with 7, 8 suited turned the winning straight. That loss was 'routine' for the way the table was playing.  Every hand saw multi-way action, regardless of whether there were pre-flop raises.

Now, comes my torture.  Hear ominous organ chords in your mind!

Three spots off the button, I call with 5, 8 suited of hearts.  There was raising after I entered the hand.  I  called to $60, knowing six of us would play the hand. The flop brought Ace, 9, 8 with two hearts.  I  checked and called another $60 to play on.
The turn brought a 5, giving me two pairs.  Clearly I trailed, as the betting (capped after three  raises) went to $160.
I called the $160, convinced my flush draw was live (as it was) - and given how the bets came in [I called $80 and then made another $80 call, after further raising].
River of Doom:  Fifth-street brought another 5.  I crying called another $40 with my small full house and lost to 9s full of fives.  The winner - holding pocket 9s - had flopped a set of 9s and won with his better full house.
Owwwwwwww.  Doesn't get more painful in limit poker!

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross