April 13th, 2008

TableBrain has brought in early rounds of private equity funding, facilitating its development and operations, and the launch of its corporate site, beta game site Tablebrain.com and beta whiteboard application iPanimator.com.

TableBrain is presently seeking late-stage funding from appropriate accredited investors and welcomes outside interest.  We are also pursuing partnering, sales or licensing deals  with suitable parties for the products we’re bringing to market - the TableWinner game and website, Double Texas Hold’em for casinos and online, and Selector for the video poker markets.

Said Zvi Lando, TableBrain’s CFO: “The firm’s prior-round valuations have been excellent. Our most recent round of financing was accomplished without the need to approach new investors.

“We’re optimistic about the current ‘raise’ we’re pursuing, given our belief in the exceptional products and solutions TableBrain has developed, the interest we’ve seen from the industry, and what we’re doing now - launching our Hold’em game site and whiteboard app. site.”

The revenue opportunities that TableBrain is pursuing include, among others, licensing fees, affiliate fees, subscription fees and advertising revenue.  Our business model allows for each of our three divisions -  gaming, website and new technology - to operate either collaboratively or independently, with each remaining financially self sufficient. “Our projections offer exciting returns for those looking to capitalize on the explosive growth that continues to occur within this space,” CFO Lando adds.

Interested parties should contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it