3pips   POKER IMITATES FILM (10/31/12)

Poker Imitates Film

Gotta smile.  I'm playing recently in a $10 /20 limit game in Atlantic City after superstorm Sandy - glad the city is recovering.  
I take a moment away from the table, as the casino's bringing in a chip-fill and play's halted.  I know I've got about 3 minutes, so I'm coming right back.

As I'm about to re-take my chair moments later, an elderly player carps about how my leaving made the game shorthanded.  Still going with his complaining about this non-issue  (no play was affected), he says: "Your leaving was third-man walking, so you only had minutes before being picked up."

Joe from across the table, always a funny guy, intending to fuel this silliness, chimes in with: "Actually, his leaving was fourth-man walking. So, he had no time and should have been immediately picked up."

Hearing this, I thematically get up and start singing: "The-moment-I'm-picked-up ......"  [Dione Warwick did it better, but it's likely I'm funnier.]

Never to be out-done, Joe rises and  comes in singing the chorus. The card-room audience endured and / or appreciated our untuneful comedy:)

Perhaps the table should be called My-Best-Friends'-Card-Game?
(Homage to Julia Roberts' film:)

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross