3pips   MY DUPE (11/12/12)

My Dupe

I actually said 'sorry' to the 6 seat in my game Sunday.  I'll call him John (for understandable reasons, I never exchanged names with him).
He was so-my-dupe (a try at valley-talk:), as I played $2/3 no-limit Hold'em at Ocean's Eleven Casino in  San Diego, CA.  Not only is southern California always pleasant, it’s more-so great to be here on West Coast business and coincidentally miss the nor’easter that followed Superstorm Sandy – both of impacted my home turf of NY - NJ.
Dupe Act 1:
I'd just joined the table and decided as first-to-call to play the King 9 of clubs.  After several others limped, John in the big blind over-raised to $40. From the way he bet, I sensed he didn't want callers and perhaps was weak. When I next acted, I shoved all-in for $265 - trying to rep a monster hand, end the pot there, and win about $50. 
After everyone else predictably folded, John insta-called with pocket Kings.
He was dead on the turn, when I made the flush.  Our stacks were about even and John re-bought for $300.
Dupe Act 2:
About 20 minutes later, John raised to $35 and all folded to me on the button.  I re-raised to $95 with the King of diamonds and the King of spades.
John called and the flop was all diamonds, Jack-high.
John checked to me and I shoved all-in for more than his about $210 remaining stack.  John insta-called with pocket Queens.  He had an inferior over-pair to the Jack-high-board and also an inferior flush draw - one of his ladies was the diamond.  He lost, after missing his only-two-outs, when no Queen opened on the turn or river.
Talk about a cold deck.  There isn't a player that doesn't lose his stack in the hand, as John did.
John left after the hand, having twice been felted by me.
That's poker.  Glad to be on the winning side of those tough beats.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross