3pips   PERFECT PLAY, SICK BEAT (12/4/12)

Perfect Play, SICK Beat!

I'm playing $10/20 limit hold'em this past weekend at the Borgata in Atlantic City.

A late-position-player, I'll call him 'Dave' raises pre-flop to $20. His raise means nothing, he's easily 'read' and outplayed.   Subject to the
unlikelihood that one of the blinds has been dealt a super-powerful starting hand (they haven't looked), my button re-raise will have us go heads-up to
the flop. I make it $30 from the button with suited-connectors, the 8 and 9 of diamonds.

As I hoped, the blinds fold and we are heads-up on the flop, with me in position.

The flop is the King of hearts, Jack of spades and Ten of hearts. I have the low-end of the straight, but there are MANY danger-cards that might open on
the turn or river.  When Dave checks to me, I correctly read that I'm leading and bet $10. He thinks and then calls $10.

The turn brings the Jack of hearts. Dave checks again and I (correctly reading him for NO flush, boat, quads or Royal ) bet $20 - with the best
hand (my straight to the King).  Dave again thinks and then calls.

More to come...... The nine of hearts opens as the river.  Now, if Dave has any heart, he's made a winning flush.

Dave checks again. I check and say: 'I have a straight.  Good?'

Dave opens his winning boat, 9s-full-of-Jacks. His hand is the 9 of clubs, 9 of spades.

Dave drew out on me, by hitting a pair-the-board turn and then the-last-nine-in-the-deck as the river. He needed BOTH to win.

His hand was dead on the turn to many hands made by the board, coupled with hands that pre-flop three-bet. And, the capper, after he makes the winner,
he can't even bet his hand (as he still might be trailing). The math on Dave beating me, given his THIN draw, is off the charts, and he doesn't even get
paid a river bet. 

Postscript: I saved my table image by stating that I had a straight (without showing which end).

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross