Industry Solutions

TableBrain’s interface solutions are significantly better than existing software. Our cutting edge patent-pending solutions deliver business-changing results: see, e.g., They’ve been developed and tested to quickly integrate into user environments with minimal effort.

You can easily integrate our solutions, which will help you tremendously. You’ll like the result!

iPAnimator - JavaScript Animation Library

iPAnimator is a powerful tool set for quickly and easily creating smooth running animations on all modern / popular web browser environments, including the iPhone and the iPod Touch. We have capabilities others don’t - we present animation where they can’t, we load in less than 1/3rd the time, etc. Give it a spin.

Clientless Client

How many potential customers do you lose due to site visitors reluctance or inability to download and install your software? How many visitors do you lose because they can’t or aren’t willing to wait for your Java or Flash client to load? How many earning opportunities do you lose because players can’t run your game software on their mobile device?

TableBrain’s Clientless Client can enable your website’s visitors to immediately immerse themselves in game play, no matter what, or whose computer they use. No software-install or waiting time is required. No firewalls preclude user play. Clientless Client also allows you great flexibility in presentation and the ability to rapidly change the user experience.


Looking for a way to keep your customers online longer, thereby increasing the likelihood of them playing more? Our Replayer can help you accomplish exactly that. Provide your users with the ability to review the last hand they played on your site, their first hand, or any other hand from criteria you assign. Allow them to relive their glory and critically review their play. Let them share their games with others and create buzz within your user base, and with potential new players.

Typically, only minimal integration work is required. The resulting benefits are significant.


Ever wish your client software could look different for all users, or wish you could provide a different look to each player based on his preference? Would you like to present differently for special events? Using our solution you can ensure that your newest feature, game, or promotion is duly played-up and won’t get lost in the presentation.

Skinner gives you that kind of flexibility and freedom to change application structure, presentation and content almost on the fly. Skinner can support multiple different looks at once. Additionally, you control if your players get that kind of freedom as well.


Feeling trapped with an English-only offering? Our Translator solves a critical portion of the multilingual puzzle. The TableBrain Translator adapts your existing unilingual software into multilingual software, often without any changes to your existing code. Not only does this reduce your time to a broader market, it also reduces the amount of testing required.