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Double Hold'em - Quick Rules

The game plays in 4 stages:

  1. Each player is dealt 3 hole cards (not 2), then there’s the pre-flop betting round.
  2. There’s a flop where 3 board community cards are simultaneously opened. Each player sets his cards in a “V”; the point card plays with each of the other cards BUT the other non-point cards don’t play with each other - each player now has two 2-card hands, then there’s the flop betting round.
  3. A fourth community card is opened, then there’s the turn betting round.
  4. A fifth community card is opened, then there’s the river betting round. Then, the pot is disbursed to the player who holds (ties are possible) the 2-card hand that together with the board’s cards forms the best poker hand, using poker’s conventional hand rankings.