3pips   BECOME A POKER CEO (5/18/10)


Become a Poker CEO

Politicians say it all the time: Run government like a business.

Well, that's how I think about poker.

We involve ourselves in poker and business for many reasons, but there's one overarching common denominator that leads to satisfaction: Profit.  Decide well, make money.  Decide poorly.... we all know how that goes.

Sure there are aberrations, instances where good choices aren't rewarded and bad choices work out well.  But over time, thanks to probability, good choices will bring you healthy returns and the enjoyment that results.  Bad choices bring aggravation and consistent losses.  Poker, played right, teaches skills and principles that help you succeed in the game and business.  Risk management, bankroll management, calculated aggression, knowing your competition -- these are all poker skills you can transfer to the business world.

When you start thinking of your poker game as a business, and vice versa, you'll have more success at both.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross