3pips   THAT DOG CAN HUNT (10/21/10)

That Dog Can Hunt

Okay, so this is more of a traditional posting - but with a twist at the end.

I'm watching my friend John play a deep-stacked $1 / $2 dollars no-limit table at the Borgata. Sitting early position, John raises to $6. Three people call behind.

The flop comes 7, 7, King with two hearts and John bets another $25. Continuation bet? Anyway, after a fold, a mid table player and the cutoff player call.

The turn brings the 3 of clubs. John bets another $55 and gets two calls.

The river's the 5 of hearts, the flush-draw got made.  John checks and the mid table player ships it. All-in, $525! The cutoff player, after thinking, goes all-in calling.

John insta-calls, as he opens his hand. He had flopped Sevens-full-of-Kings, playing a suited 7-King. Grumbling, the mid table player open-mucked the nut-flush.  The cutoff player said; 'Nice-hand, I had a lower flush.

As he started stacking the chips (about $2000), John turned to me and while pointing at his cards, says: 'that dog can hunt.'

We've all seen it, in no-limit, some very odd hands can drag monster pots.

Also, remember that line about the dog; have fun with it some time.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross