3pips   MAKE MINE A DOUBLE (maybe): The Advantages of Over-Stacking (3/29/10)


Make Mine a Double (maybe): The Advantages of Over-Stacking

I played an interesting hand recently which demonstrates the advantages of over-stacking.

I was playing against a player who is a former major league pitcher with a World Series ring.  He had, pardon the pun, quite a few curve balls and the money to back his erratic play.  He limped into a pot that I planned to enter in late position, after three other players had limped.

I was sitting across from 'Jon' (not his real name) and I was watching him as I came forward with my hand over-stacked, so that I could either call the bet or raise.

As I watched Jon, his eyes lit up.  Instead of putting down a raise, I put down a smooth-call with my suited K-J.  Nobody raised after me and we went to the flop.  It completely missed my cards.  Before I got to act, the big blind bet (likely a small pair) and Jon raised.  I folded and got to see the showdown.  Jon had pocket aces.

The message: Give yourself the option of raising while coming forward with your chips.

Important note: Make sure that you're not in a setting like the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida that requires you to bet all of the chips you're holding as you come forward.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross