Look Left before Entering Traffic

It's amazing.  Even at 'small' no-limit tables, where stacks average 'only' $300, people often telegraph their intentions.

What do I mean?  I find it remarkable how often people to your left will tell you what they're going to do. This happens all the time preflop.

So pay attention.

There are players on your left who routinely hold their cards in a manner indicating that they're going to muck. They're tired and impatient to get to a hand they can play.  If players with this trait are NOT doing this, it's because they like their hands.

Also, some players will even play with their chips and thereby show you they intend to come into the pot.  This is one of those lessons that will save you lots of money.  Especially when you have hands that only play well against few opponents -- A-7 suited, for example.

If you see a player to your left preparing to bet his chips, muck those moderate holdings that can get you in trouble.  Saving money you would have lost is one of the best ways to a winning session!

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross