Funniest Hand I've Ever Seen! A Nasty Complainer Gets His Comeuppance

I still smile as I think back on this hand.

About six months ago, I was playing a $20/$40 limit game in Atlantic City. There was a singularly unpleasant player in the seven-seat relative to the button.  All afternoon long he did nothing but complain.

After another half hour in which he played not a single hand, an Ace being dealt to him opened.  The dealer immediately apologized as he took back the Ace that had rolled over (it would be the burn card).

Everyone after the blinds folded, and when it was this fellow's turn to act, he took the replacement card and without looking at it, open-mucked it to show his disgust and to disrespect the table.  It was an Ace! He seemed so satisfied, the dealer's 'error' had cost him Aces, and now he could rub in the guilt.

Then he took his first card, which he also had never looked at, and again open-mucked it.  Imagine his angst when he saw that it too was an Ace.  He had thrown away pocket aces.

We couldn't stop laughing.

He was flabbergasted, turned beet red.

Now here's the best part:  A late position player raised and got called by the blinds.  The hand went to the river with betting and the late position player won it with King-high (He had a King high flush draw which didnt come, and the blinds had missed their straight draws).

Punchline: The pot of over $400 was won by a suited king, queen, no pair. And all our nemesis could do was sulk.

What's your funniest story?

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross