Too Stupid To Tie His Shoelaces

It's easy to overestimate the intelligence of the average limit hold'em player.

Take a recent 10-20 hand I played in Vegas.  I had pocket 10s in the small blind.  No point in raising, since the four players already in the pot were sure to call.  No ten and any overcards on the flop and I'm gone.

We took the flop five-handed and it came 10-6-3, rainbow. A dream flop.

I checked but to my dismay no one bet.

Another 6 came on the turn, giving me a top-set boat.  Sweet!  I checked again and finally someone bet.  I raised, and to my surprise the big blind re-raised!  When I three-bet, he insta-four-bet.

Could he have pocket sixes, for quads?

The intial bettor was long-gone.  I merely called.  The river was an 8.  I checked and the big blind bet again.  I called.

He showed 6-4, a very weak set of trips, but he played them as if he had quads.  I could have made a lot more money, but I gave this fellow WAY too much credit.

When I recapped this hand to my friend Jay, he quipped, "Don't you know the average limit hold'em player is too stupid to tie his shoelaces?"

Lesson learned.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross