Preferred Seating -The Way To Go

Here's one of the first things I do upon joining a table, and I suggest you do the same: Request a seat change button.

Minor deal? Not quite.

Poker is the most situational of all games.

You don't want people to your left who constantly raise with air, unless you're prepared to play back at them with nothing, having read them as on a 'move.'  Having a habitual three-better playing over you can cost you a fortune.

When a particularly aggressive player joins my table, I use the seat change button to get to his left, then I three-bet him, often with any pocket pair.  He usually won't back down because he's into his power image.  This can pay off big-time, when he misses his draws.

Also, there is upside to playing over a player who routinely limps and then folds to a flop bet, after he checks the flop (to indicate he missed).

So, be fluid when you enter a game.  Pay attention to the characters at the table, and make sure you have preferred seating.  Put yourself in the best position.  It won't cost you; it will pay off.

Side Note: Ask for a table change, if there are better pickings at another table than the one you're playing.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross