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Tools & Tricks: Double Hold'em™ Tools

There’s no single right way to play Double Hold’em -- just like there’s no single best way to play Texas Hold’em. But it helps to know your odds.  Our two TableBrain technology gurus have come up with proprietary tools that help you stay ahead of the competition and become a poker star. 

Our tools show you the ranking of your starting hole cards and which card to choose as your "Point".  Try any combination of three hole cards: our gurus give you the best possible Point card.  Because their methodologies disagree in rare instances, we offer you both approaches under the gurus' initials: LS and AJ. Or you can choose for yourself!

In Double Hold'em, you often need a big hand to win. So it's nice to know your chances of "getting there." Another tool helps after the Point has been set. It shows your percentages of making straights, flushes or better.

So what are you waiting for? Try out our tools, get an edge, and have fun!

Double Holdem tools