3pips   MAXIMIZING A WHALE (7/12/10)

Maximizing a Whale

What happens when you flop a whale?

Don't think about winning -- calculate how to win the most.

Here's a hand I played recently at a Foxwood’s $10/$20 limit table.

It was folded to me in middle position, I looked down at Aces, and of course raised.  The button called, so did the big blind and we took the flop three-handed.

The flop was two aces and a 9. Talk about a jackpot flop!

There were two diamonds on board.

The blind checked, I checked and the button bet. Both of us called.

The turn was a 7 of clubs.
Again the blind checked, I checked and the button bet. Again we both called.

The river was the 3 of diamonds (completing the possible flush). The blind checked, I checked, and the button bet.  Same exact pattern as the previous two streets.

This time, the blind raised and I re-raised. Both players called me down.

When they opened their hands, I saw the button had turned 7s full of aces. The blind had rivered a flush. I collected a massive pot.

Had I bet the flop, I likely would've made little on this hand. Had I raised the flop, bet or raised the turn, I also would have made less than the max.  Instead I raked in an extra $140 post-flop.

As you can see, maximizing a whale is the way to go. It also will land you a great fish story.

E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross