Escaping a Bad Session Alive

Florida now has poker laws allowing reasonable buy-ins for no-limit games. The days of $100 max buy-ins are over, thankfully!

To start my August, I checked out The Hard Rock Seminole Casino in Hollywood, FL and played their $2 /$5 no limit game.

In my first orbit, five minutes in, I completed from the small blind with a trouble hand: Queen 4 offsuit. (It was only $3 more).

The flop came Queen 4, 7 rainbow. I checked, the fellow to my left made it $25 and the older gent behind him insta-called ('danger Will Robinson'). Everyone folded and I shoved my $300 stack.

The initial bettor folded and the older guy called -- he'd limped with Ace, Queen. When an Ace fell on the river, he'd cracked me.

About an hour later, having reloaded, I limped into a pot with a suited King 5. You need to know that a fellow who had posted into this pot had been called over by the dealer saying, "Jon, we want an action player."

This "action player" took his option when the betting came to him, and made it $25 on top of his posted $5.  When it came back to me, I shoved $230 (hoping to take down the pot preflop).  He overshoved his entire stack, he had me covered.  I was pot-committed and called off the rest of my stack, less than $100. He opened pocket Queens --  WAY ahead. The flop was Jack, 2, 7. But I hit running 5, 5 to win. How lucky!

Happily dragging the pot, I got up and left.  My reputation was clearly destroyed at the table. Know when to leave!

Bottom line, you need to understand who you're playing against. I'd played very poorly at this session, misreading two of my opponents. The older gent was a limper of MANY super-premium hands (including pocket Kings) and the "action-player" had the goods.

If you want to grow your game, you've got to be self-analytical for good and bad. I'd played badly. Live and learn and you'll grow better.

Just the same, luck counts too. I made $42 on my piss-poor play.

E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross