3pips   EXPLANATION PROVIDED! (9/1/10)

Explanation Provided!

Understanding an opponent's twisted thinking might not add to your bankroll immediately. But it will make you a little calmer, keep you from going on tilt and benefit you in the long run.

So I just took the most vicious beat of my life. Flopped top set, after raising with pocket Aces before the flop. The flop is Ace, King, 7 with two spades. I bet the flop but wind up losing to an 8-high straight, as the turn and river come 4, 5. The player who wins is holding the 6-8 of diamonds. He flopped nothing and hit the perfect runner, runner cards. I wonder, "How did I lose the hand to this clown?"

I heard perhaps some of the best poker wisdom about this hand: My opponent was following the ridiculous theory of "Peel for a draw."

What to do? Recognize, you may take beats that are very frustrating!

This appreciation is thin solace when you lose to runner, runner cards. When your opponents needed those exact two cards consecutively.

But there's an upside. You'll win very big pots and mucho denero over time from opponents who call the flop with nothing.

Stay strong in your mental game and eventually, things balance out.  You will emerge a big winner.

E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross