3pips   STOP LOSS ISN’T JUST A MOVIE (5/24/10)


Stop-Loss Isn't Just a Movie

Is there anything more beautiful than waking up with pocket Aces or Kings?

I appreciate a monster starting hand as much as anyone, but some players get too attached to them.  It’s like they're dating a really pretty girl.  They won’t end the relationship, even after she cheats on them, burns through their money and says things like, "We’re watching America’s Next Top Model, not Entourage."

A man in his 50's with an unruly mustache proved my point recently at a 20-40 table at Foxwoods Casino.  He had K-K in late position.  After three raises, he capped the action.

The flop came 8-8-9 with two spades.  The small blind bet, the big blind raised, and two subsequent players raised too!
Instead of realizing he was beat, mustache man called.  Oops!  Anyone with an 8 was way ahead of him.  Someone could have held aces.  Strong drawing hands, like J-10 of spades, also seemed likely.

At showdown, after investing multiple bets, mustache man learned he was beat, by a suited A-8 that out-flopped him. He'd been drawing to just 2 outs.

Don’t be like mustache man and throw good money after bad.  Stop-loss is more than a movie title.  It’s a good phrase to remember when you wake up with something that WAS beautiful but didn't stand the test of time.  Honey, hit the road.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross