3pips   THE SHIRT OFF HIS BACK (11/10/10)

 The Shirt Off His Back

 So clothes make, or at least often say something significant about, the player.
Rumpled-up threads and it's 10AM, guy's been up all night.
Cheap utilitarian sunglasses, dark ones, maybe he's a player.
Oakleys? Jesus Ferguson wanna be.....
But how 'bout this one: I'm at a small limit game with a pink-shirted young athletic guy on my left. His loyalty card says 'Matthew.'  He's otherwise well dressed, boat shoes, designer cap.
So, I take a shot: ''The shirt means something to you?'
He teaches math in a small South Jersey rural middle school, and coaches the cross country team. How small? The runners often race older students. The teams are mismatched.  The class-designed shirt he's got on is part of a worthy esprit de corps campaign. They're raising funds for breast cancer. So far, more than $1500 has been raised.

Now, it's a bit more.....
I bought the shirt off his back! First time for everything.
My read on Matt, nice guy. You can and often do meet them at the card table. 

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross