3pips   SHOW ME A WINNER, PLEASE (12/28/10)

 Show Me A Winner, Please

Sometimes, it's hard to see it coming.

I'm watching a pretty aggressive, shorthanded Borgata $40/$80 limit Hold'em table with four players.

The action is folded to the blinds. The little blind completes and the big blind checks her option.
The flop comes 3, 9, 10 rainbow and the little blind checks, then calls the big blind's $40 bet.

The turn brings another 10. Now the little blind bets and the woman in the big blind calls $80. When an ace hits the river, both players check.

Getting tired of waiting, the dealer says, "Somebody show me a winner."

Both players hesitate, and finally the little blind opens pocket Aces. He's sheepish about his overly cute play, having played his monster hand of Aces full of 10s to nearly no action.

Who could see that coming?

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross