3pips   TABLE IMAGE? YES! OR IS IT KARMA? (1/13/11)

Table image? YES! Or is it karma?

So, I know I've seen plenty. Still..... these two hands from a $4/8 limit Hold'em session, at a table with real nice folks, really stand out.

To my right is Flo, a lovely senior from Baton Rouge and previously New Orleans. Her full name is Flo Rida - pronounced that way, like the rapper.  [I guess she's grown tired of people calling her 'Florida,' in her 86 years.]

She limps into a pot and I limp behind her on the button, with King 10.

I flop Broadway with no obvious draws to worry about.

When Flo bets into me, I simply call. Lots of callers behind. When the turn opens a second heart, I raise Flo's bet while showing her my cards and how she's likely drawing dead (I'm right -- she's on a mid-kicker Ace hand). Everyone folds and I drag the pot. Did I cost myself profit? Likely. Still, I didn't want to take any more of Flo's small stack.

Karma part:

Several hands later, I raised the flop on a Queen-high board with two spades. I had middle pair. When the turn - a third spade - double paired me, I fired again. My heads-up opponent folded, showing me a SET of Queens.

What are the chances?

Good goes around and comes around!

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross