3pips   HOW "CUTE" ARE WE? (2/7/11)

How "Cute" Are We? 

I'm playing the Borgata's $10/$20 limit Hold'em game in Atlantic City recently. I look down at pocket tens and pre-flop just call. I know several people are going to see the flop with me and so there's no point in raising, as any over-card that opens on the board will likely improve an opponent and beat my hand.

Jimmy, a pretty good player in late position, puts in a $10 raise. Five of us call and see the flop: 10, 10, 9. Yahtzee! Quads!

Everyone checks to me, I check and Jimmy bets $10. Everyone folds and I call. The turn is a Jack. I check and Jimmy checks behind me.

Oh well, I guess I'll put in a bet and hopefully make $20 on the river.

The river is a 9. I bet $20 and Jimmy raises. We go back and forth to seven bets, most I've ever gone on one street.  I put in the final raise.

Jimmy turns over a full house, Jacks full of 10s. Of course I've won with my four of a kind.

Best part: winning seven bets off the river. Added value: the amusement of seeing how "cute" we are, that we both checked the turn - I'm with quads and Jimmy's holding his gotta-be-good-but-loses top boat!


-E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross