3pips   ACTION? (2/16/11)


I'm playing a full $2/5 no-limit table at the Borgata in Atlantic City which has mucho betting and, of course, big pots!

I'm out of a hand watching bet, call, bet, bet..... Several people have played through the flop, fewer are in at the turn and there are three players left when the river opens.

A dispute arises when the first guy to act says: "pot!"

The dealer has no idea what to do and calls for the Floor Manager. After all, we're not at a pot limit table.

Still, is it an enforceable bet?

I had this one completely wrong. What would you do?

After much consideration, the house makes a ruling that seems fair.

No action -- the player needs to declare an amount or check. 'Pot' doesn't constitute a valid act.  Interestingly, this had nothing to do with our not being in a pot limit game. Instead, it had to do with the fact that the casino won't break down the pot in a no-limit hand (rules of no limit).

Live and learn.

PS: I asked Thomas, a Foxwoods' Floor Manager I know, what he'd have done. He said the same thing. 

-E.Mark the "e-Shark" Gross