3pips   LAY DOWN SALLY! (3/1/11)

Lay Down Sally! 

I'm playing a small limit game from mid-position.

After a player has limped in with a call, I look down and find red pocket Queens. I raise.
I get a caller behind, both blinds and the initial caller who'll see the flop with me: Ace, Jack, 9, with two Spades.

As everyone playing is pretty passive, they check to me. I fire a small bet. This way, I'll likely see the turn and river by my having continued to show strength. And who knows? I even might close it out if (unlikely) everyone folds.

Instead, everyone calls. Get life-support. The turn brings a King -- even worse. Everyone checks to me and I check. No action.

At least I have a draw on a Broadway straight to the Ace (if the river's a 10).
LOL, the river brings another Jack, and coup de grâce - it's a 3rd board Spade.

When an early-position player bets and gets called I laugh and make the easiest lay down of my life!  I can't beat a hand with a Jack, King or Ace, or a Straight or Flush.
Talk about great to dreck.

But hey, losing less counts too. 

-E.Mark the "e-Shark" Gross