3pips   MY DREAM HAND (3/29/11)

My Dream Hand

I'm playing a $20/$40 limit Hold'em table and am the little blind. It's a pretty soft table.

The first player to voluntarily enter the pot, in mid-position, flashes his cards and I see he's holding 6-6. He just calls the $20, another player calls and it's my turn.

I look down at 6-7 of hearts.  I think for several seconds and really consider folding, as my 6 is dead. But, as it's a suited connector, I complete for the extra $10, and the big blind (as I know she will) checks her option.

The flop is 3, 4 9 - rainbow. Although I'm holding nothing but a gut shot to the nut straight (any 5), I pause significantly. Aware that everyone saw my pre-flop consideration (I'd have done that with a hand like 9,9), I decide to bet out.

With just 7 high, I'm thinking I can see two cards for free by betting out, and who knows?

More significantly, I have very good table presence and a "read" on my opponents.

Everyone folds! I drag the $80 pot.

What makes this my dream hand? Well, I actually dreamt it! Every detail and awareness. It was that real. Except it never happened.

Poker is often about attitude. I can tell I'm in my game when I'm dreaming a hand with that level of detail. Remember, dreams often lead to reality.

Your confidence at a poker table has a lot to do with how your opponents react to your play, and by extension whether you win or lose. 

-E.Mark the "e-Shark" Gross