3pips   APRIL FOOLS! (4/5/11)

April Fools!

 I'm playing $20/$40 limit Hold'em in Atlantic City at the Borgata over April Fools weekend.

I limp call into a pot with red deuces, after another player has limped. It's a table which has mostly medium-skill players.

I'm thinking that I'll see a cheap flop and either hit a set or kiss the $20 goodbye. Worth the admission price.

After my limp, another player calls, then the cutoff raises to $40. The big blind completes and it's called to me. I call too, and we go to the flop: 9, 10, King with 2 clubs. The 6 of clubs on the turn brings the flush into play and opens a straight. Amazingly, I'm still in, as it's been checked around.

The river is the Queen of clubs, creating more straight possibilities (any Jack) and almost assuring a live flush in someone's hand. It's checked to me.

Figuring maybe I can steal the $210 pot by risking $40, I pause, Hollywood (why not act a bit?) and say "I think I'm supposed to bet" as I bring out $40.

The players start folding in turn, but one player in mid-position calls after some thought.

Hoping to preserve my reputation, I say: "You probably have this, I just have a small pair." He hears but doesn't voluntarily open his hand. Since I'm the last bettor, having no alternative, I table my hand of pocket deuces.

He looks at my hand and, amazingly, mucks his, so I win the pot! 

What can I say, only on April Fools.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross

Postscript: What did he have? I’ll never know. Asking to see his hand, might have revealed he held the winner – thereby making it April Fools on me.  How he could have called with a hand that didn’t beat deuces, well, that's beyond me.