3pips   QUEEN HIGH (5/16/11)

 Queen High

I'm playing a $2/5 no limit table at the Borgata. I have Jake playing two to my left, who keeps making large pre-flop raises, and then showing unplayable starting hands (like, Jack 4), as he's dragging the pot.  Everybody's been folding away to his raises.

Fourth off the button, I look down at Queen Jack off-suit, which I want to play.  So, I min raise to $10 hoping for no re-raise by Jake.

No luck. Jake brings out $35. As there are two other callers, I call too.

The flop is 9, 10, 4, rainbow.  As I have the up and down straight draw and two overs, I bet out $40 - Maybe I can close out the hand.  Instead, Jake makes it $85 behind me and everybody folds away. I call.

The turn is an absolute blank, the 2 of clubs.  I check and Jake pushes his stack, which has me covered. If I call, it will be the $205 I have left.  I think about it and make the call. I have eight outs for the World; Any 8 or King gives me the nut hand, a straight. Also, any river Queen or Jack may win it for me, another possible six outs.

The river is a blank 3. I wait and Jake says: 'Nothing, I missed,' as he opens 8 Jack (the flop's wrap-around straight draw).

I win a pot of about $600, with Queen high.  Some days, all you need, is more than 'nothing.'

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross