3pips   POKER TORTURE (6/1/11)

 Poker Torture

Background: I'm at a newly opened $2/5 no limit table in Atlantic City at the Borgata. In just 30 minutes, I've already felted a guy with my Aces full (he had 10s full), and three hands later had my top set of Aces hold up, to win me another $205.

The hand: I've posted my $5 as big blind and look down at the 2 and 5 of diamonds. Mid position, Jane raises to $20 and a fellow I don't know (later he introduces himself as Ashford) has called. 

I'm running fantastically and have a great table image, so I call the $15 raise and check dark. The flop comes 10, Queen, 6, with one diamond. Everyone after me is somewhat suspicious, and perhaps this is their reasoning for checking. The turn brings the Ace of diamonds.

Jane goes all-in for her remaining $45 and Ashford calls - Big mistake, he should've raised! I call behind, with my draw. 

The river is the 7 of diamonds, completing my flush. I look at the card and Ashford (out of turn) states he's checking behind me (another mistake, inviting my bet). I know there are a lot of large bets I can make which will earn me nothing, because he'll fold. As Jane is going to show down with me, there's no reason for him to call unless he has a really good hand. 

So, I bet an amount so small that he can't fold, just $40. 

Now here's the poker torture, Jane mucks her hand (either she gave me a lot of credit or she was on a busted draw).

Ashford looks so unhappy. There is the main pot at stake and only his and my hands are now contending (Jane's folded). He knows he's beat, but the amount that I've bet is so small relative to the pot, that he HAS TO make a crying call, which he does. I table my flush and he open mucks Aces-up.

Sometimes poker can just torture a person. Better to give then to receive!

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross