Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I think every poker player knows it, you see the same faces from time to time.  Doesn't matter which state you're in, or if you've never been in the casino before. Yesterday, I decided it was time to check out Parx Casino in Pennsylvania's Philadelphia area. It, together with the other recently opened PA poker room of Harrah's Chester (a bit south of Parx), have been taking many players away from Atlantic City.

On arriving at Parx, I was seated by the floor manager at a table where the dealer glanced over, recognized me and greeted me by name. I looked left to see Nick, who I know from Atlantic City. At the table, I knew two of the players even though it's not my usual game - it was a $1/2 no limit game, not my preferred higher value limit hold’em.

When I got into the $15/30 limit game (they don't spread $20/40 at Parx), I knew half the table.  It's really great that you can feel so welcome, and by name.

Overall, I thought that the Parx experience was pretty good and worthwhile for daytrippers coming from the north (it's about 45 min. closer to NYC, over AC).

Still, AC will keep the weekend crowds, what with its Jersey shore attractions (not present elsewhere). It should also appeal more to folks looking for lodging (not present at Parx) and dining, where AC wins it hands-down.  Of course, the new PA casinos will likely grow the player base, so there will be more people going to more places.

Even though player levels have dropped in AC, the games continue. And, best of all, you can always anticipate finding people you know at the table, doesn't matter where you go.

- E. Mark the "e-Shark" Gross